American Comfort Central is proud to carry the most advanced air conditioners and heat pumps on the market. Our Lennox heat pumps and air conditioners are sure to bring your family peace of mind and comfort all year.

Air Conditioners

All Lennox Air Conditioners are built to a strict company standard to keep you comfortable all summer long and to help keep your energy bills low. Lennox air conditioners are qualified by Energy Star as energy efficient appliances and meet the industries strict efficiency standards. With the new advanced technology incorporated into the outdoor unit, your new Lennox Air Conditioner will give unparalleled comfort with minimal noise and operating cost.

Air Conditioners are rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The SEER rating of a unit is calculated from the cooling output of the unit during a given timespan and the electric consumed during the same period. Like the miles per gallon rating on your car, the higher the SEER rating the lower your energy costs.

Heat Pumps

Lennox heat pumps will not only do everything that an air conditioner does during the summer to keep you cool, but they can also help by reducing your heating bills in the winter. The unique thing about a Lennox Heat Pump is that it can produce heat in the winter to keep your home warm. With the most advanced features available, a Lennox Heat Pump can help keep you and your wallet more comfortable all four seasons of the year.

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