Should You Replace or Repair Your Ductwork?

Man Looking Into Air DuctHave you ever wondered when you should replace your ductwork?  Typically, ducts are installed out of sight or in areas in your home that isn’t easily accessible. Even though you can’t see them, it’s still important to know what to look for when you ducts are not working properly. Looking at your monthly energy bill, the condition of your indoor air quality, or your overall lack of household comfort level is a good indication of what’s going on.


Here is some indications of what to look for if your ducts needs a repair or a replacement:

Noises: If you hear rattling or clamor inside your ducts, it’s likely there’s a loose or disconnected duct seam.

Uneven Temperature: Poor duct sizing and design can result in heat energy being lost in the duct runs. During the “heating season,” rooms in the house can become extremely cold and during the “cooling season,” rooms can become extremely hot.

Damage: Crushed portions and tangled flex ducts should be replaced since they obstruct airflow to the supply outlets.

Also look for any leaks or missing ducts.


It’s best to work with a professional HVAC contractor that fully understands and follows duct design best practices. HVAC contractors have sophisticated equipment that is needed to be able to make a comprehensive and accurate evaluation. Some of the equipment they use are…

  • Blower Door: A machine used to measure the air tightness of building, to test ductwork airtightness and to help physically locate air leakage sites in the building.
  • Manometer: Measures air pressure acting on a column of fluid.
  • Flow Hood: Measures return air pressure.
  • Leak Detection: Smoke or fog device that identifies leaks and is used during the blower door test.


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